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Labelservice offer a wide range of chemical shipping and warning labels from stock.

CHIP Supply Labels

CHIP Size 1, 52mm x 74mm

CHIP Size 2, 105mm x 74mm

CHIP Size 3, 105mm x 148mm

CHIP Size 4, 148mm x 210mm

GHS Blank Labels

GHS 1 Diamond

GHS 2 Diamond

GHS 3 Diamond

GHS 4 Diamond

Hazard Symbol Labels

Corrosive Hazard

Environment Hazard

Explosive Hazard

Extremely Flammable Hazard

Highly Flammable Hazard

Harmful Hazard

Irritant Hazard

Oxidising Hazard

Toxic Hazard

GHS Blank Labels

Dangerous To The Environment

Dangerous When Wet

Explosive Symbol

Flammable Gas

Flammable Liquid

Flammable Solid

Infectious Substance

Limited Quantity

Miscellaneous 1

Non Flammable Compressed Gas

Organic Peroxide

Oxidizing Agent

Spontaneously Combustible

Toxic Gas

Toxic Diamond

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