Chemical Labels that are Strong and Durable

LabelService specialises in the manufacturing and supply of high quality and cost-effective chemical labels and is a leading supplier in the UK. From full colour chemical product labels, to hazardous diamonds, to CHIP and GHS blanks, we provide a single source solution for all chemical labelling. Chemical labels must be strong and durable to stand […]

What is a UFI and Are You Compliant?

The Unique Formula Identifier (UFI) is a 16-character alphanumeric code that will be required on the label of products that contain a hazardous mixture. In addition to having the UFI on your labels, you will also be required to provide information on your mixture, and associated products, to poison centres. Information will include such details […]

Chemical Label Regulations

Harmful Chemical Label

We understand and value the importance of adhering to health and safety regulations when you run a business or work in an institution. With hazardous machinery, chemicals, substances and environmental positionings, there a number of risks you may be exposed to. With the right labelling, you can immediately and clearly communicate to those on the […]