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Multi Page Products

Due to the amount of legislative information required on chemical product labels, often there are constraints on the amount of on pack space for copy. The solution is multi page chemical label products from Labelservice. These are bespoke printed products that offer additional printable pages, and can be categorized by two main product groups:

Peel and Reveal Labels
These are multi layer labels, made out of two or three layers of label material laid on top of each other and die cut. We can print on both sides of each page, including the adhesive of the base label. The top page can be either re sealable or can be peeled off as a dry layer for such use as a redeemable coupon on an on pack promotion.

Digital print technology offers short or multiple run solutions, including variable or unique coding on one or all layers.

Booklet and Concertina Labels

For when more space is required, or more commonly if you are looking to export products to several countries whilst retaining only one label, a booklet or concertina label is a common solution. These consist of a booklet or concertina leaflet placed on top of a base label with a re sealable cover. They can be printed in full colour throughout and can consist of up to 64 pages.

Labelservice offers a full advisory and consultancy service, and we can also offer mock-ups and prototypes of our multi page products