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Chemical Digital Labels

Digital printing technology has revolutionized the way that labels are being designed, planned and purchased. The chemical industry has been one of the biggest beneficiaries of this, allowing larger companies to reduce their label stockholding, whilst smaller manufacturers can offer their clients retail quality packaging without needing to commit to volume runs.

It has allowed smaller and multi sort runs to become financially viable, whilst creating opportunities for brand new work. In short, it is changing the way labels are being purchased and used.

Digital labelling offers better performance and flexibility than the conventional label printing techniques. Digital labelling for instance has made it possible to process just in time orders and faster turnaround time for label orders: giving you a lead time of up to 3 days to order for labels.

As the UKs leading provider of digital labelling solutions, Labelservice is investing heavily in new state of the art digital presses and constantly developing innovative digital labelling solutions to cater for an ever growing client base. Digital labelling has opened wide the door for innovation and creativity. We take pride being at the Frontline with our unique cutting edge digital labelling solutions. The following are some of our digital labelling solutions that have made us tower above our competitors:

Digital Peel and Reveal Labels
Digital Label Booklets
Digital Embossing
Digital Spot Varnishing
Digital Braille and Tactile print
Digital Scratch Off inks
Digital Fragranced inks
Digital Glow In The Dark inks
Digital Metallic printing
Digital Security inks
Digital Glitter inks

We print in full colour and to retail quality. We also provide press proofs which are another benefit of digital label printing over flexographic. All digital labels can be varnished or laminated to protect against damp or wet conditions. We can also provide metallic printing of digital labels which until recently was not available in the market.

Digital labelling allows printing of various types of labels including Short Run Digital Labels, Multi Run Labels, Multi Sort Labels, Variable Code Labels, Unique Code Labels and Minimum Run Labels without using printing plates. Digital technology has also made it possible to print products such as window stickers, peel and reveal labels, and booklet labels with minimum cost as well as very short setup time. In addition, digital printing offers full control over every step of label production such that even last minute design changes can be made without causing unnecessary delays during production runs.

Digital printing is also a much better quality than flexographic printing.

Even small runs are now available at a much more affordable price, negating the cost of the ink and plate setups that are needed in flexographic printing.

It also means that printing labels for seasonal products can be done much easier, without having to plan months in advance. Digital labels can be ordered and manufactured in just two to three days. In flexographic printing, because the plates have to be formatted, it is very unlikely that you can schedule in a print for the next day. With digital printing it is much more likely because they are digital based, which is why the turnaround time is much less.

Digital labelling technology allows printing of unique sequential bar codes and serial numbers on your digital label products including colour codes in just a single press pass unlike the traditional printing presses.

Other benefits of digital printing mean that multiple sort labels can easily be achieved during a single production run, with varying quantities for each sort all on the same roll. We can customise the print run to your needs. This significantly reduces the cost over flexographic printing.