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High Quality Chemical Labels

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Chemical labels must be strong and durable to stand up to the chemical product they are on. You want the label to be able to withstand whatever chemical compound your product is made of in order to maintain the information and branding on the label throughout its use.

Labelservice specialises in the manufacturing and supply of high quality and cost effective chemical labels and is a leading supplier in the UK. From full colour chemical product labels, to hazardous diamonds, to CHIP and GHS blanks, we provide a single source solution for all chemical labelling.

Chemical Resistant & Solvent Resistant Label Applications Include:

  • Drum labels
  • Household chemical labels
  • Durable good
  • Pumps and valves
  • Electromechanical equipment
  • Automotive Motors, drives and engines & components
  • Electronic equipment
  • Aerospace applications
  • Harsh Manufacturing Environments
  • Medical Laboratory
  • Autoclave application
  • Warning Labels

The chemical labels market is split into two categories retail and industrial.

Chemical labels for the retail sector consist of four colour labels that go on products in store, for example products like de-icer or barbeque fluids. These general household products are in fact chemical products and many consumers would not consider then as such. For more information on labelling for retail products please visit our primary product labelling category.

Industrial chemical labels are for companies that need to ship products in boxes and those boxes need to have labels on the outside to warn against flammable contents. Also for shipping overseas the labels need to meet particular regulations. For more information here please contact us to discuss your requirements.

In addition to our core chemical labelling solutions, we also provide the following special labelling products:

  • Multi Page chemical labels
  • Concertina Labels
  • Chemicals Hazard Information and Packaging (CHIP) chemical labels
  • Tactile hazardous warning labels
  • Braille Labels

Talk to us about your labelling needs. As our name suggests, our biggest strength lies in our service.